Anti-fog Solution

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This anti-fog solution comes packaged in a 30mL bottle. The 30mL equates to approximately 200 pumps.

It is recommended to use the solution as an additional preventative measure by applying the anti-fog spray to both sides of the clear window panel of the Deafine masks after the mask has been hand washed and air-dried.

The challenge associated with wearing clear window masks and/ glasses is that fog formation. This is a result of when the warm air between your face and the clear window or lens comes into contact with the colder air on the other side, the reaction creates water vapour condensation.

The solution is not just limited for fog preventative measures but can be used as a true cleaner to remove dirt, smudges, makeup that may build up on glasses and the transparent panel of masks.


Contains Isopropanol. Do not ingest or use on contact lenses. Avoid direct contact with eyes, and may irritate sensitive skin. Keep out of reach from children.

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