About Deafine

Individuals with disabilities face challenges that able-bodied individuals will never face. These disabilities may not always be visible and thus these individuals and the challenges they face may go unnoticed and unrepresented. Visible or not, we must be strong enough to find ways to adapt and overcome the obstacles that present themselves in our lives.

Deafine T-Shirt

Deafine is a socially motivated athleisure brand. Our goal is to represent the disabled community, create a platform to support individuals with both visible and invisible disabilities and to prove that we are an equally strong and capable community who are not solely deafined by the challenges our lives present us with.

Deafine’s business model aims to improve the lives of its consumer base. Many of the decisions made in Deafine’s inception that will continue throughout the growth of this brand are to promote and embody corporate responsibility and conscious consumerism. For every order, portion of the proceeds will be given to charities who focus their efforts on helping individuals with disabilities in developing countries. They aim to grant access to the tools and resources that would help accommodate their needs, allowing them to accomplish goals that were once considered to be impossible and out of reach. The founders of these charities saw value in these individuals and Deafine was created as an extension of this philosophy.

The reason our brand has chosen to focus on athleisure clothing stems from the rationale that sports and athletics act as a universal language. When the founder of this brand felt that his disability set him apart in society, he has always found comfort and a sense of belonging through the language of sports, the companionship of teammates, and the opportunities to connect on the field or court. Sports and athletics have the ability to breed a culture of inclusivity, equity, and community.

Each piece of apparel has been thoughtfully designed, taking functionality, comfort, and modern trends into account. Our brand is focused on delivering high quality and sustainable products. Wherever possible, be it the textiles we use, the manufacturing practices we rely on, and the packaging and delivery methods we have chosen, Deafine’s decisions are focused on maintaining an eco-conscious supply chain. Deafine is doing it’s part today to help ensure that our planet will see a better tomorrow.

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Fun Fact:
You are probably wondering about the colour choice for our website. The reason for the colour, HEX #CBCCFF, is that the variance between the way that a person with different degrees of colourblindness (protanopia, deuteranopia, or tritanopia) would see this particular colour as relatively close to the "true" colour.

Our brand, like our website, is designed in mind to help and be disability-friendly.