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What is significant about these sports? What connection do they have to me and to DEAFINE? 

Being deaf and hard of hearing means that, even when presented with normal every-day challenges, you still strain to learn in a lecture hall, to piece together the details of conversations at a cafe or restaurant, and you never quite understand what’s being asked of you over the phone.

When I walk onto the pitch, step into the key on the court, or enter the pool, I am no longer focusing on what I can’t do. As an athlete, I am reminded that I can compete and participate. I can succeed!

Individuals who live with disabilities must be resilient enough to find their strengths. They must adapt and overcome the challenges they face in order to live out fulfilling lives. Gradually, our society has made efforts to implement accessibility measures and accommodate for our differences. People have become more aware that not all disabilities are visible. It is also more apparent that developing support systems and resources for our community is an ongoing process. 

We aim to redefine the stigmas that individuals with disabilities live with.

DEAFINE is a socially driven athleisure brand. Our goal is to create representation for the disabled community, to build a platform that will support individuals with both visible and invisible disabilities, and to prove that we are not defined solely by what some view as our limitations.

When you purchase a piece of DEAFINE merchandise, a portion of that purchase goes to charity organizations who focus their efforts on helping individuals with disabilities, granting them access to resources, and helping to accommodate their needs. Your purchase also makes you a valued and important member of this growing community. 

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