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The scar on my chest is a life-long reminder that thanks to the efforts of the healthcare workers at The Hospital for Sick Children in late July of 1992, I am here today. After surviving a rocky first 72 hours of my life, my parents endearingly labelled me their “SickKid’s miracle baby”. It was because of this important connection to The Hospital for Sick Children that I chose to organize a marathon, 25 km for my 25th birthday. My family and I planned a route that crossed important locations from my childhood, beginning at my doorstep in Etobicoke, and ending at the sign outside of the hospital where my life began. We were able to raise close to $7,000 to support The Hospital for SickKids.

In November of 2021, I successfully overcame a challenging nine-month battle with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Once again I was reminded that I am here and able to continue pursuing my dreams thanks to the amount of care I was provided, the level of expertise that guided every decision, and the swift action taken by the medical professionals that ensured I triumphed against my ‘Goliath’.

Thanks to the William Osler Health System and Trillium Health Partners I will be turning 30 years old this July. As a means to show my appreciation, I have organized a 30 for 30 event in hopes of raising funds for the Oncology Department at Brampton Civic Hospital. The 30 km roundtrip will begin at Etobicoke General Hospital, where my cancer story began, to Brampton Civic Hospital, where I received my 6 treatments of chemotherapy.

I will be taking the proceeds of all DEAFINE sales from the time of this post until my run and including them in the donation that I will present to Brampton Civic Hospital as a sign of gratitude for the compassionate care I was given, especially during what was a very trying time for the healthcare system and world as a whole. If you would be interested in making a donation directly to this fundraiser, you are welcome to do so here.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we try to help inspire meaningful change through this brand.

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